The Parish of Saint Matthew: The Episcopal Church of Pacific Palisades

Emmaus Small GroupsEmmaus Small Groups

The Vision of Emmaus

Emmaus Small GroupsThe vision for Emmaus groups is to provide the means for real Christian community to develop. An Emmaus group is a place to learn and grow from reading and sharing Scripture or books from the Christian tradition; grow closer to Christ through prayer; a place and context out of which to discern what gifts one has for ministry and integrate what one proclaims inside the church building with what one does out in the world. We believe this is a powerful way for the parish to grow, both in terms of spiritual depth and of assimilation of new members.

“The Emmaus Group ministry at St. Matthew’s is dedicated to the development and growth of the individual through small groups. These groups provide a safe environment for people to experience personally Christ’s presence and power through weekly gatherings devoted to caring, fellowship, study, prayer, worship, and outreach. Emmaus groups are committed to fostering not only the spiritual growth and transformation of individuals, but the spiritual growth and transformation of the entire parish.”

Vision Statement--2000




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