The Parish of Saint Matthew: The Episcopal Church of Pacific Palisades

The Clergy and Parish Staff

Tom NeenanDirector of Music
Tom Neenan

(310) 573-7787 Ext. 127

Ministry Scope
I am the Director of Music at St. Matthew’s, so I oversee much of the liturgical and community music at St. Matthew’s, including St. Matthew’s Music Guild. I conduct the Choir of St. Matthew’s Parish, and share responsibilities for leading music at Sunday services with our Parish Organist, Roger Daggy. I am responsible for selecting the music for the 8:00am and 10:30am services and work with my clergy colleagues on the music for the 9fx service. I conduct The Chamber Orchestra at St. Matthew’s, a professional chamber orchestra that has been in residence at St. Matthew’s since 1985, and organize and oversee all Music Guild concerts and activities. I edit our monthly newsletter, The Epistle, and produce our weekly newsletter, which we affectionately refer to as MyEmma. This is something of a double entendre since the software comes from an online marketing company called MyEmma and we have a church cat named Emma (along with "Big K" aka Kamehameha).

People Contact Me Seeking:
Information about the choir or Music Guild, music outreach activities and our parish publications. I also am the contact person for music related to weddings, funerals and other pastoral services.

What Kind of Questions do I Typically Answer?
People ask really interesting questions about liturgical and choral music and how the music for the services is chosen. People call to ask if I know a good piano tuner (I do), why we sang Hymn XYZ on Sunday (I usually refer them to the clergy person who asked for it), how long the next Music Guild concert will be (usually 2 hours), or if I can recommend a cello or violin teacher (I can).

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