The Parish of Saint Matthew: The Episcopal Church of Pacific Palisades

The Clergy and Parish Staff

Missy MorainDirector of Christian Formation for Children and Youth
Ms. Missy Morain

(310) 573-7787 Ext. 139

Ministry Scope
In my ministry at St. Matthew’s I help families of all shapes, sizes and kinds engage in Christian formation in their daily lives. At baptism parents and godparents promise to be responsible for seeing that the child they present is brought up in the Christian faith and life, and it is my job to help families do just that. I also get to engage in daily ministry with St Matthew's Parish School, St Matthews Day Camp, and Boy Scout Troop 223; as well as interacting with others involved in formation ministries across the Episcopal Church through serving on the board of directors for FORMA, and The Episcopal Church Council for Lifelong Formation.

People Contact Me Seeking
Information about education and formation opportunities for children and youth including, St. Matthew’s Day Camp, baptism, Boy Scouts, Godly Play, acolytes, Rite-13, confirmation, and school chapels. They also come to me with theological inquiries about Star Wars, Star Trek and the Iowa Hawkeyes, or looking for a cup of tea.

What Kind of Questions do I Typically Answer?
How do I talk to my children about Good Friday? Does God have a belly button? Can I hug the Jesus doll?  Can you explain something to my parent? Can you explain this to my teenager? What do you think of this Vine/YouTube/Tumbler/Instagram/Facebook post? How many weeks until day camp? Do you have any food in your office?

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