The Parish of Saint Matthew: The Episcopal Church of Pacific Palisades

St. Matthew’s Day Camp

St. Matthew’s Day Camp serves the children and families of the Parish and the surrounding community. Camp runs for six weeks between June and July and operates Monday through Thursday from 9:00am to 3:00pm.

Key Dates

Day Camp 2017 begins on Monday, June 19th and continues Monday through Thursday until July 27th. There is no camp on Tuesday, July 4th but camp will be in session on Friday, July 7th.

Our camper application process for Day Camp 2017 is now closed. 

Friday, March 31st Camper acceptance and wait list letters mailed
Friday, April 28th Balance of tuition and registration forms due
Friday, May 19th Deposit checks returned to wait list families

The Parish Camp’s Mission Statement

St. Matthew’s Day Camp serves the children and families of the Parish and the surrounding community. The Camp provides a diverse recreational experience through a safe and structured program that emphasizes friendship, caring, selfesteem and fun. It provides both campers and staff the opportunity to enjoy the Parish grounds and the company of one another, and to develop physical, social, and personal skills, in a Christian setting, as a complement to their family upbringing and formal education.

We are committed to operating as an Episcopal Day Camp, supporting the spiritual growth of our children. As part of the Parish’s outreach, the Camp will continue to offer a number of “camperships” to children from the wider community who would otherwise be unable to attend.

Applications are not accepted on a first come, first serve basis. Please carefully read the Admissions policy below.

Admissions Policy

St. Matthew’s Parish Summer Day Camp gives an admission priority to Parish members and returning campers. Criteria for Parish Membership are established by the Clergy and will be consistent with all other Parish programs. While we would like to have all applicants attend camp, maintaining proper age and gender balance and limitations on the facilities available for camp often mean that not every child can attend. For the youngest class of children (just having completed kindergarten and entering first grade), since the criteria for returning campers are not applicable, those Parish members who apply will in almost all instances be admitted. For returning campers, St. Matthew’s Day Camp considers other factors such as siblings of continuing and previous campers, pastoral concerns, and repeat applicants. A waiting list is kept of those we could not accept. Our youngest campers have finished Kindergarten and are entering 1st grade next fall. Our oldest campers have finished 5th and are entering 6th grade next fall. TO BEST SECURE A SPOT FOR YOUR CHILDREN, YOU ARE URGED TO HAVE THEM BEGIN ATTENDING THE SUMMER BEFORE FIRST GRADE.

Campers who successfully complete this year’s program with no less than eighteen full days’ attendance at Camp (no more than six days absent) will be considered “returning campers” next year. Those with more than six unexcused absences will generally lose their priority – vacations are not normally considered excused absences. The Vestry and Day Camp Board believe that enforcement of this attendance policy is appropriate stewardship of the wonderful resource that the Day Camp offers the Parish community.


Tuition for the summer of 2016 is $1100 per camper. ($50 of the tuition is due as a deposit at the time the application is submitted.)

Staff Application

We have completed our staff interviews for Day Camp 2017. If you have any questions about applying for staff in the future, please contact John Meyers through his email:


St. Matthew’s Day Camp welcomes all families; in fact, a large number of our campers are not members of the Parish. To be considered a member of the Parish of St. Matthew for purpose of admission, an applicant’s parent(s) or guardian(s) must have been an active and pledging member of The Parish of St. Matthew for at least two years prior to the application.

If you have questions regarding Parish membership, please call the Parish office at 454-1358.
The Day Camp may be reached in the off-season by calling our information line at 573-7787 ext. 160. Questions and messages may be left on the voice mail at any time. We can also be reached by email:


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