The Parish of Saint Matthew: The Episcopal Church of Pacific Palisades

2017 Christmas Services

December 20
Blue Christmas at 7:00 pm

This welcoming experience helps those who are struggling with a recent loss or a major life challenge, providing balance between hardships and welcoming the light of Christmas.

Wednesday, December 24
Christmas Eve Services

3:30 pm - Family Christmas Eve Service

5:30 pm - Quiet Christmas Eve Service (Contemplative music – including guitar, violin, oboe, and voice – geared for older children and adults)

9:00 pm - Traditional Christmas Eve Service, preceded by Choral Meditation beginning at 8pm (music of the season by the Parish Choir, Soloists and Chamber Orchestra)

Thursday, December 25:
Traditional Christmas Day Service at 11:00 am


Christmas Flower Tributes

For a Christmas flower tribute, please send your message to Jennifer via or complete the form at A suggested donation of $100 may be made to the Parish of St. Matthew.
(A tribute in memory of a loved one who has died will also be included in the 2018 Reading of the Necrology.)

Please note the deadline of Friday, December 15.


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